Saturday, November 17, 2007

New Stop Signs on Southgate

Stop Signs, High Springs, originally uploaded by adobemac.

Michael Morton reports on new stops signs that have been added to Southgate creating 4-way stops where for the previous 20 years there was no stop required.

Yes, the signs are new. Bright red and white. But folks are blowing right by them.

It is not that they are crazy. The human body learns well. No signs were there for 20 years. The drivers are into their zone, their mind spinning along on the errands they are making; whether going shopping, or picking up the little one, or dropping off the middle one. They have been trained to travel without the stop signs. The mind is not aware of the change because it is a small change.

When unlearning is required, it takes time. It will take a big sign, or something significant to catch their attention to start making the change.

The police can position a cruiser to attract attention. Or the neighborhood can get together and in groups create awareness with balloons, costumes, anything to break the normal attention span of the drivers on Southgate.

Hopefully, it will not be a serious accident!

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