Sunday, April 6, 2008

In the news - how to handle stormwater

The Boston Globe Globe West section features an article today on how local towns are handling storm water. Franklin is amongst those mentioned. The new technology for handling this run off will get more discussion as the downtown redevelopment plans move forward.

"Before, the thinking was just to get the water off the road for safety reasons, and there wasn't much thought given to pollution," said Denise Zambrowski, storm-water manager for the town of Franklin. "But we have 48 miles of streams and 266 acres of ponds, and 95 percent of our watershed ends up in the Charles River. We are now giving storm water a serious look."

Zambrowski said the town recently received a $131,000 federal matching grant to pay for several projects, including installing a man-made wetland area or other technology to capture runoff from a large condominium development near Route 140. Storm water from the complex, which has approximately 200 units, flows through overflow pipes directly into Mine Brook, a tributary of the Charles.

Franklin, like a number of other area communities, is also considering redeveloping its town center to make it more pedestrian and retail-friendly, and officials are considering measures such as storm-water planters as part of the redesign, she said.

Read the full article here.

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