Saturday, January 3, 2009

Franklin Housing Authority

Amongst the information provided in the 2008 Annual Report is that the Franklin Housing Authority manages 161 units of State Aided Elderly/Disabled Housing, 33 units of low income Family Housing and an 8 unit Group Home. Additionally, the Housing Authority is responsble for an four bedroom congregate facility. This program provides a shared living environment for its residents who maintain private bedrooms. Congragate housing was established for residents who are self-reliant, however may need limited support.

The Franklin Housing Authority owns two single family homes. These properties are reserved for lease to low-income families and affords these families the opporotunity to reside in a residential neigborhood.

The Housing Authority was awarded $1.2 million for the development of an additional Chapter 689 housing facility. Chapter 689 housing is reserved for mentally challenged adults and will be overseen by the Department of Mental Retardation. A suitable site for this development has been secured on Plain Street. Construction was expected to begin in late 2008 according to the Annual Report.

The Franklin Housing Authority can be found on the Town website here or by navigating from the Boards & Commissions link on the Home page.

If you have not picked up your hard copy of the report at Town Hall, you can try to view it online here:

Coverage of the Franklin Housing Authority begins on Page 93.

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