Sunday, August 16, 2009

Franklin Citizens Rail Trail Committee

On these hot August days, one way to still enjoy the outdoors and stay out of the sun is along a tree-shaded trail in the woods. The photo below shows a section of the Blackstone River Bikeway along the Cumberland/Lincoln line in RI. You can help bring a rail trail for bicycles or walking to Franklin. The Franklin Citizens Rail Trail Committee has a meeting scheduled for this Wednesday at 7:30 PM.

Agenda For August 19, 2009

I. Call to Order / Introductions of New Attendees
A. Volunteer to write minutes of the meeting
B. Motion to accept meeting minutes of 7/8/09

II. Possible Guest Speaker for this evening
A. Bill Desantis, Chief Design Engr. of Blackstone River Bikeway

III. Report from DCR (Ron Clough)
A. Gates at Spring St
B. Franklin Conservation Committee presentation
C. Proposed meeting with DCR Commissioner

IV. Report on Membership Committee (Dave Denison and Mark McKeown)
A. What will we be offering members to join for yearly fee
B. Contact web designer w/ outline of proposed program

V. Report from Design Committee (Jon Hollman & Ray Willis)
A. Cost estimate for grant writing Sub-Committee

VI. Report from Finance Committee (Steve Rossetti)
A. Report from Treasurer
B. Contributions to date and offer from Rotary Club

VII. Report from Grant Writing Sub-Committee: (Chris and Frank)
A. Question on Committee Officers

VIII. Report of Fund Raising Committee (Allan Sawyer)
A. Start planning for road race and other events

IX. Publicity (Dave Labonte)
A. Update on “Donation” correction to brochure
B. Distribution of brochure
C. Response to “abutters” letter
D. Response to PLUC letter
E. Report on the Blackstone meeting
F. Contact with Lynn Scornavacca

X. Unfinished Business:

XI. Set Date for Next Meeting and Adjourn

Where is the meeting?
Our next meeting will be on August 19th at the Old Town Hall in the Triangle in Franklin. Time will be 7:30 PM, first floor, entrance on Emmons St. across the street from the Dean College Community Center. If you're from this area, you should know where this is, if not - drive to the center of Franklin on Rte 140 and find the old municipal building in the Triangle.

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