Wednesday, September 16, 2009

November Election Line up

The line up for the November 3rd election finally has settled and looks like this:

Board of Assessors - 1 Position (For 4 years)
no candidates

updated 10/28/09
Chris Feeley has announced his intention to run as a "write-in" candidate for the Board of Assessors

Board of Health - 1 Position (For 4 years)
Bruce Hunchard
Koren Kanadanian - new

Planning Board - 2 Position (For 4 years)
Anthony Padula
Joseph Halligan - new

Planning Board (Associate) - 1 vacant position (For 4 Years)
John Carroll - new

Town Council - 9 Positions (For 2 Years)
Joseph McGann
R. Scott Mason
Judith Pond Pfeffer
Shannon Zollo
Robert Vallee
Stephen Whalen
Glenn Jones - new
Daniel Ballinger - new
Bryce Kuchs - new - due to changes at his work, he would be unable to fulfill the duties if elected*

Robert Avakian (switch from Board of Assessors)
Matthew Kelly (switch from School Committee)
Tina Powderly - new
Glenna Richards - new

School Committee - 7 Positions (For 2 Years)
Susan Rohrbach
Paula Mullen
Edward Cafasso
Roberta Trahan
Jeffrey Roy
William Glynn - new
Cynthia Douglas - new

* Kuchs name will still appear on the ballot as it has already been printed.

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