Thursday, December 31, 2009

Franklin, MA: Fire Prevention

This was another busy year for Fire Prevention. The annual inspection of the all Liquor License holders, 17 Schools, Day Care facilities, Summer Camps and Multifamily houses along with the daily inspections of homes for resale and new construction, service calls, telephone inquiries, LP gas tanks inspection, oil burner inspection, oil tank removals and plans review is almost too much to be handled by one person.

With this increase of service, I feel that this officer is not making an effective attempt at a fire prevention program. In some cases, the property or business owners do not take code violations seriously enough, which requires many return inspections. When I have to return more than once a year it puts the residents of Franklin in harm’s way, and takes away from my other duties. I recommend that the Town adopt a Non-Criminal Fire Code Violation Notice Ticket Books and a fine fee structure. This would allow the department the ability to fine the more serious offenders.

I have increased the number of commercial business inspections along with helping businesses to formulate evacuation plans for their employees. In turn, this has shown an increase in the number of requests for conducted fire drills by this department in occupied business facilities. It is a good sign that employers are concerned with the safety of their employees.

Over the past year I have attended many classes dealing with the changes in the State Building Code, structures and system, evaluating performance based designs and plans review.

I would like to thank the Building Commissioner David Roche, Gus Brown and their staff for their assistance over the past year. Thank you, also, to the dedicated men and women of this department for their assistance in helping me to perform my duties during the past year.

Code compliance and Inspections
Captain Stephen Parchesky, CFI

Bold for my emphasis

From the 2009 Town of Franklin Annual Report. This is available in a printed version at the Municipal Building or online at the Town website here.

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