Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Live reporting - Budget desires

Mullen - would like to see a listing of the cuts made in the last ten years
one page summary that gets repeated at each budget discussion (my idea, yea!)

Trahan - there are so many changes and be clear about what is coming forward

Cafasso - the decade of cuts list would be good. Miriam had put together a great apples to apples comparison to provide some context to the budget. Enrollment corresponding to the budget years. Some historical data on the cost drivers, i.e insurance, special ed, transportation, etc. Recap on how this current years budget was funded?

Rohrbach - the process will discuss a level service vs. a level funded budget. In the past we have also discussed philosophies that should be discussed. We should have a general discussion on what our approach should be. The decisions will be virtiually impossible as we have already cut so much.

Roy - district statistics, # of teachers, # of students, # of schools, decrease in staff vs. increase in students, information on when the schools came on line, per pupil expenditures per the State numbers. Need to begin putting on the table what options are available to bridge budget gaps. Need to share that early on, it is not just cutting bodies. Reviewing the cost saving measures already implemented. Helpful to highlight some of the great things that are happening at the schools, programs, strengths, what makes Franklin a high performing district?

Cafasso - show MCAS or SAT or graduation rates to show barometers of student achievement, the staff have been good about that performance without much resources

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