Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Live reporting - Senior Outreach

  – Senior Outreach- Update

Tina Powderly provides an update on an analysis that was done to examine the exemption amounts for tax abatements and other benefits for seniors.

The recommendations have been reviewed by the Board of Assessors and have been approved by them.

1 - Raise the exemption under 41c from 500 to $750. This exemption has not been raised since it was adopted.

2 - Exemption amount for 37a, to raise it from 437 to $500 which is the current max allowed by the State.

3 - Raise the gross ceiling under 41a - which is a deferral of property tax, this puts a lien on the home, it is not utilized heavily, want to tie the income eligibility to the circuit breaker program which would ease the tax burden administratively.

4 - Proposed to raise the property tax work off benefit from 750 to $800. This would be equal to the $8 minimum wage at 100 hours.

The subcommittee would like to bring these proposals forward at a future meeting for formal approval.

Mason - kudos to Tina for quarterbacking this proposal

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