Sunday, February 21, 2010

Trash Research - What the other communities do

In the DPW presentation on Jan 20th introducing the new trash and recycling system, several towns were reflected as implementing a similar system. For your reading pleasure, here are links to each town's information:

Billerica (automated trash, dual stream recycling)

Tyngsborough (no mention of automation in process today)

Holden (blue for trash, green for recycling; two options 1 - 65 gallon containers, 2 - 35 gallon containers)

Mansfield (seems to be the same process and vendor as proposed for Franklin)

Burlington (implemented their new system in July 2009)

Tewksbury (unfortunately, the link to the Statistics is broken on their website)
Results from automated collection show a significant reduction in trash generated and an increase in recycling!  Great job!
Lowell has a well done Bin-Dependence Day "Frequently asked questions" page outlining their entire process including the smaller bin for Senior Citizens. There celebrate a one year anniversary this March 2010 with the new system.

Norwood implemented their system in October of 2008.
Norwood recycling page

Dedham implemented their system November, 2009

North Attleboro implemented the new system with 64 gallon trash and 96 gallon recycling totters. (PDF)

Fall River is piloting the program with found neighborhoods and plans to expand to the full city during 2010. They are also using the 64 gallon trash and 96 gallon recycling totters for the pilot.

Newburyport is getting their recycle totters in June but already started their ew system in January.
The City of Newburyport began its new trash and recycling collection contract on
January 2. Overall, the transition has been smooth and we appreciate everyone’s understanding and compliance during this transition.

Newton advertises that it "takes 2, green and blue" referring to the color of the totters used, green for recycling, blue for trash.

Amesbury uses 35 gallon trash containers, 3 per household. They do use a 65 gallon container for recycling. The Amesbury Trash page is here:
The recycling page is here:

Easton posted their 2009 Welcome Kit and 2010 Welcome Kit on their website

Attleboro posted their recycling "Frequently Asked Questions" on their website

Boston has three brief videos introducing their "Big Blue" carts, 64 gallon bins, the same as proposed for here

Woonsocket, RI has a good bit of information on their Trash & Recycling page

Warwick, RI instituted their automated system in 2003

Middletown, RI also publishes a Welcome kit covering trash and recycling

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