Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Live reporting - space needs

3. Discussion Only Items
A. Space Needs Sub Committee Report and Modular Rubric
Roberta Trahan - subcommittee chair
Space at the high school but most other space has been utilized
Looking for direction from the committee overall on what to do next, i.e. re-districting

Rohrbach - Davis Thayer space, Town has not yet financed to remove the modular units (although approved by School Committee).

Trahan - with the modulars out, there would be some space depending upon the enrollment at the time

Horace Mann is using space that would otherwise be Oak Streets not the other way around.

Sherlock - Clarification on the use of the rubric, a four point scale but some of the pages had two numbers, hence you couldn't make a decision?
Trahan - yes, some of the modular units fell between the status categories

Sherlock - I was also anticipating that the room capacities would be included so one could assess the true space needs and capacity requirements of what we have and what we need.

Discussion on minor re-districting possible to address crowding at JF Kennedy, Keller and shift to elsewhere.

Sabolinski - We started the re-districting process with space needs, an enrollment projection.
Roy - the last one we did was 2001, so it has lasted for quite some time
Cafasso - we need to look at where these is growth, as you go around town, there is new building coming. Look at the housing turnover, particularly with the elderly leaving at some point to "cash in" on their housing values.

That segways nicely into out budget discussion

Franklin, MA

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