Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Franklin, MA: Town official vehicle listing

Due to a comment that was making the rounds before the override that "everyone in DPW got a new vehicle", I asked for and received the following listing of vehicles from Jeff Nutting, Town Administrator.

The listing excludes the police fleet and the most of the DPW vehicles as those don't have a single user.

The Town positions which have a car, for overnight use or day use are listed with age and mileage.
Town positions without a vehicle but who do use their personal vehicle for Franklin business and thereby get an expense reimbursement are also listed.

Only one vehicle has a model year of 2010.

You can view the listing here:

Franklin MA Vehicles 100614

Or you can view the spreadsheet here:

If a municipal vehicle is taken home the employee is charged income at the IRS rate of $3 per day and must pay income tax on the benefit. Public Safety vehicles are exempt under the IRS code. There is no charge from the town to take the vehicle home. However employees are expected to responded in a timely manner to emergencies unless they are on vacation, etc. Accordingly each public safety department (except the building commission) has at least two employees that can respond asap. So if one is not available there is a backup. The DPW has more since they have more exposure - water, sewer breaks, failed pumps, alarms at stations, snow, storms, heavy rain, trees down, structural failure of things like culverts, roads, etc.

As far as personal use, the following quote is from a portion of the policy ' the vehicle is not to be used for personal purposes, other than commuting and de minimis personal use' An example of de minimis use would be stopping to buy a coffee, lunch etc.

Updated 6/16/10
Jeff Nutting has an annual vehicle allowance of $6,000 as part of his employment contract. He does not have a Franklin vehicle.

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