Monday, August 23, 2010

Real time reporting - Planning Board - 8/23/10

Hockomock Y addition
The Hockomock YMCA at Forge Park is looking for a limited site plan and approval for an addition of approx. 1300 sq ft on the first floor and another 2500 sq ft on the second floor. The additions are meant to expand the teen and wellness programs. The Y has already made four or five "limited site plans" over the years so there is an issue as to whether they should come forward with a full site plan. There is also an issue and discussion on the parking available. There are only 202 parking spaces available and parking for some periods finds space along both access roads creating a safety hazard.

Me: if they have lost membership (a decline from 12,000 to approx 10,500 since 2007) part of the reason could be the economy but part of the reason could be the hassle getting to the facility (i.e. parking). Getting a competitive program should address parking as much as it should the programs offered.

The Board did approve that the Y could proceed with a "limited site plan" and the Y will return in two weeks with additional information.

Item D/E
D'Addario Hardware - Board approved moving forward with a limited site plan for adding a temporary storage container.
Ryan Development - related to D'Addario as they own the property, this limited site plan is for the paving of the land to accommodate the container for D'Addario. Both limited site plans were approved.

Item F
Franklin Place Senior Village - permit extension approved

(to be continued)

Note: headline (title) was adjusted to reflect my own policy of using "live" to reflect when I am in the room and "real time" when I am reporting while it happens but via the cable feed. My reporting got interrupted so I'll catch the remainder when the video replay is available.

Franklin, MA

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