Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Red Tag Outlet

In the former Hollywood Video store, next to Hometown Paint, the Red Tag Outlet has set up and opened for business.

Have you been in yet?
What is it like?

Franklin, MA


  1. I'm from Franklin & came home this weekend to see this store & the new Big Lots filling in spaces where businesses had closed. It's sad - I wish the town could attract a higher caliber of retail/one that won't close in a few years.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Carolyn. The state of the economy overall helps to determine what goes where. The better stores are sitting tight, these new, upstarts are taking what space they can afford. This business tends to go in cycles and hopefully we will see a better cycle sometime sooner rather than later.

  3. The Red Tag Outlet is a family run business unlike Big Lots.

    What is "sad" is that some people equate expensive with high quality or high caliber and assume that cheap means trashy. With the economy the way it is at the moment, these stores HELP families trying to find good bargains for their tighter wallets. Let's face it, these stores are bringing both jobs and dollars to the town.

  4. I agree with Alyson. Inexpensive doesn't mean low quality. As a matter of fact I found the same items at a higher price in a "high end" store. It's just plain silly to pay more for the same merchandise. I also like the fact that it's a family owned and operated store. The staff is friendly and helpful. It certainly is better for a town to have thriving businesses than empty spaces. Vacant buildings don't bode well for local economies. Besides small family owned businesses is what America was built on. Let's face it Franklin is a very nice town but it's not Beverly Hills. There's no need for shopping snobbery.

  5. I drove to Franklin from Ashland specifically to shop at Red Tag Outlet. I have shopped at their Ashland store, 135 Discount, since it opened (10 or more yrs ago?), so they certainly are not a fly-by-night operation. This country would not survive without stores and small business owners like this, and it is quite sad, and shocking to me that there are people in this country who do not feel it is worthwhile to support and help grow these businesses. If you have not been in the store, you should very definitely give it a try. But please, leave all your preconceived notions and superior attitudes outside the door. You won't be disappointed. Congratulations to Alyse and John. The store is terrific! Maureen Falzone, Ashland, MA

  6. I have been to 135 discount and before that it was 109 discount. What people don't know is their history. They started in Medway Ma some 25 years ago right next to ocean state. they decided to move. then they went to ashland and started 135 discount, cvs came and bought the building and crushed several small businesses in ashland. now they started a new shop in franklin and big lots followed them. If you could see the pattern you would notice that these big stores are following them around like a hawk but they cant touch their prices. They keep it low priced for the consumer and they have loyal customers for over 25 years. Whoever carolyn is im sure she is a spoiled little brat that received too many toys for christmas. Its very very shocking and sad to see people have opinions about things that are totally outside their realm of experience. Ellice and John at Red Tag Outlet, 135 Discount etc are awesome folks that totally look out for the people that frequent their shop. They price things better than any business out there because they have been doing it for 25+ years. If it wasnt for business like this your kids would have a crappy crap job and not have a pleasant environment. Carolyn is an idiot!