Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Live reporting - DPW - Town Common Trees

Franklin Town Common Tree Report
David Anderson, certified arborist, consulted with the DPW

The presentation document:

Franklin, MA: DPW - Tree Presentation

Mostly Norway Maples on the Common,

the diameter of a tree is measured 4.5 feet off the ground

diversity of trees on Common, sugar maples,

A big beautiful tree can be gone in a day with weather or capable machinery
but it takes about 100 years to get the tree to look like it does

issues, no defined tree care maintenance budget, it has been reduced over time due to the issues with the budget

recommend hearing by public tree warden then remove 12 possibly hazardous trees ASAP
consider relocating the carnival so it saves the ground compacting issues

McGann - if we don't do the removal, the other trees will be impacted

Cantoreggi - We all love trees, some we should cut down but I don't want to do that without having done a presentation first.

Vallee - What would it cost to take down these trees?
Cantoreggi - I think we can do these in house as time permits

Pfeffer - there maybe tree person who would come in and do that work to gain the wood from it

Nutting - we should proceed with the hearing on the trees?
Mason - yes, check with the tree wardens schedule.

Franklin, MA

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