Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Live reporting - Discussion only items

3. Discussion Only Items

A) - Policy – Second Reading
o GBEBA/JIA Staff Research Policy
Mullen - no additional info at this time

B) - Anti-Bullying Plan
approximately 20 comments from the public
a couple of areas of interest, minor tweaks or suggestions

no additional comments from the committee

the plan will go to the policy subcommittee which will draft a policy for review and acceptance by June 30th

C) - Child Nutrition Bill Task Force
Based upon the recent legislation just signed into law
to form a task force, to evaluate the legislation and make a determination on how it would be implemented

Glynn to chair task force, Trahan volunteered to work on this, as did Roy
Sabolinski - this would dovetail nicely with the nutrition work done previously

D) - Budget Workshop
Jan 29th, 8:30 AM - noon
an opportunity to discuss in greater detail the school budget and the budget process
provide a brief overview of the budget at the beginning

comments open for suggestions up until Jan 14th

Cafasso - enjoy having the principals there, they should not feel that they have to sugar coat anything, we need them to be honest, ideal situations, not just 'ideal'. We are going backwards for so long on the budget, it would be good to come away with some honest assessments of what we should be striving for. What are priorities? When the time comes?

Glynn - What I'd like to see is to go through the budget as you outlined, and a what if scenario. What would you define as a good plan and what would it cost us to get there? It would not be an optimal plan, not a Wellesley.

Trahan - we need to keep in front of us where we would like to be, we were on a 'good to great track', what would it look like?

Mullen - What level of detail are you looking for?
Glynn - more or less high level categories, based upon the student teacher ratio what would it look like?

Sabolinski - I can through a number out right now, we need 63 million.
Roy - the number at that time was 64 million three years ago, it would not surprise me to have it north of 70 million in today values

Roy - if we were to update the 'good to great' numbers, that might be something that would answer your questions

E) - Innovative learning models
Glynn, this idea came from some session at the recent conference I attended
an example of a program where high school students were taking courses and getting college credit for them
distracted learning, life long learning, online courses, what would we be looking at
maybe formalize this process a little more

Soblinski - we have a number of different programs going at the high school, we should include them in this, along with some union leadership to look

Roy/Sabolinski - Task Force or Study Group, study group being a broader group, bringing in different stake holders as necessary, put the information together

Co-Chair of study group - Glynn and Sabolinski

Franklin, MA

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