Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Traffic Sample on RT 140 (video)

While running Tuesday morning (12/21/10), I stopped to record with my Android phone this video segment of traffic on RT 140 in front of the former KofC building.

Not a great time to sample the traffic as neither the Taco Bell nor Wendy's would be open at this time (about 8:30 AM). A better time would be around lunch or in the evening rush hour.

The traffic was also somewhat slower today due to the snowy road conditions. It would be quicker if the roads were dry.

Would MA Highway consider lowering the speed limit from 40 to 30? I figure that would help. Most folks tend to go over the speed posted limit anyway so if it is posted at 40 folks will go 45-50. If posted at 30, folks will go 35-40. Getting the traffic to go slower would allow more time for a decision on when to safely turn.

What do you think?

Franklin, MA

1 comment:

  1. Are there three buildings planned or two? It was hard to view from the video feed. (I guess I should have attended the meeting in person).

    Yes, it does sound like I said 'KFC' which is really down the road a piece. I did say 'K of C' but I think it was too cold to enunciate clearly.