Thursday, August 25, 2011

"This is not a partisan issue ... This is a money issue"

"We want a clean river. Ultimately a drinkable, swimmable river is of great value to the community," Fernandes said. "I think we do need to look at continuing to slow the (regulatory) process down. We've got to look at alternative means." 
One alternative would be to pass legislation requiring phosphorus-free fertilizers, he said. 
Complying with the proposed EPA mandate could cost $66 million to $111 million in Milford, based on an EPA-funded study for the three towns, Town Engineer Michael Santora said. 
It could cost $75 million to implement in Franklin and $35 million in Bellingham, Franklin Department of Public Works Director Robert Cantoreggi said. 
"I'm very concerned about the economic fallout of trying to attract and retain businesses," Franklin Town Administrator Jeffrey Nutting said.

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