Sunday, February 5, 2012

Wadsworth Diary - Feb 5, 1858

Very Pleasant & warn, clowdy towards night. On loaded 2 load wood than went after a load with Jos oxan and got set. The pole pulled out & pin broke & c. Than came home, (it was noon) & staid in store till 3 o’clk (than Jos. came home). Than went after the wood with both yoak oxan. Wm. Young, Albert Newell & G. Hall went with me. Hard work to start it, throwed off part, got home most night. 
Written upside down: Abby Daniels is here. Herman, Mary & Isa here in eve. Jos, Abbie & Sarah went to Franklin & around Sarah staid. Started 10 ½ o’clk, got home 3 o’clk. 
Written on side: Father went to Dedham & Milton

 In the 1850s, on a busy working farm in the southern part of Franklin, a man named George Wadsworth started writing in a journal about everyday events. When he filled that journal, he bought another, and filled that up too. Two dozen journals, and 27 years later, he had written about almost everything that can happen in a small New England town. His words were lost to history until 1986, when town resident Gail Lembo came across some of the journals at a yard sale. 

From the Franklin Historical Museum website  

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