Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Live reporting - Jack Lank

Jack Lank, Chamber of Commerce

largest business organization in the region
wanted to thank Bryan Taberner about the business process here in Franklin
the business process here is head and shoulders above the others in the area
you go to a department, that's not my job, you need to go to another window
not here, the person will get up and go over to the other desk to get you involved with what you need to get done

The 2nd economic summit held recently
about 60 representatives from a variety of businesses took part
resources provided, still getting phone calls, had personally received 4
Chamber tends to be one of the first call for information on Franklin
Jack has information from Bryan and company
You guys truly get it

Never once have I heard it about the Town of Franklin
We truly appreciate it at the Chamber of Commerce
we have concrete evidence to provide

Kelly - how is the economy doing from what you have seen?
Lank - haven't gotten a tremendous amount, the four I just mentioned, established businesses here in Franklin that are looking to expand, one has added one, another 3, another 10, so there is some expansion. You can get that info from the Franklin website. We have seen a small up tick

Bissanti - are you saying that the special permit process is not that bad
Lank - from a number of phone calls, it is not good for me to reveal the source

Jones - thanks for your comments at the summit
 Lank - 2 of the calls have already been set up with training for new hires.

Vallee - going back to announcements momentarily
The budget hearings will be May 23, 24
There will be only one meeting in July and Aug and those dates are 7/18, 8/15

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