Monday, April 9, 2012

You can help your neighbor

You may recall hearing of the house fire in on Hillside Road last Wednesday. The Milford Daily News story is here

Fortunately, no one was hurt as the family escaped although they did lose one of their cats. The house and contents were destroyed. Neighbors have rallied to help collect food, clothing and money for the family.

Cheryl Hobbs is one of the neighbors leading this effort. Her post in the Yahoo Group for "Franklin Area Parents" summarized the situation last Wednesday:
Today has been a very terrible day for our neighbors (Lazanski/Kelly) on Hillside Road, they lost their home and all their belongings. Taryn is a senior at Franklin High. Tom graduated 2 years ago. All 4 are safe and being well taken care of. They, of course, are devastated! They did lose one cat and the other cat was revived and staying well at Tufts. I, first, want to thank my neighbors who came in in a clutch and gave clothing. Many of you have asked what you can do in lieu of clothes (because you don't have kids their size, etc.). Monetary donations are being accepted. Checks made payable to: Michelle Kelly. Please drop off your donation (or mail) to: Cheryl Hobbs - 144 Hillside Road, Franklin
Her update on Easter:
I just want to update everyone on the happenings here on Hillside. Michelle is in better spirits this morning...smiling, laughing and so thankful for all that has been given to her, her husband and kids. The cat is back home and not leaving Michelle's side. 
I am going to try and email once a week now, however, please know, I am still collecting. Again, it is overwhelming the generosity of this community. I was surprised to what I came home to last night..letter box over flowing, as well as, foyer filled with envelopes.

What can you do?
Make your check made payable to: Michelle Kelly.

Provide a gift card for Walmart, Kohls, Stop & Shop or any other retail outlet the family could use.

You can drop off your donation (or sent via mail) to: Cheryl Hobbs - 144 Hillside Road, Franklin

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