Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Franklin schools gain $10,000 A+ dollars!

On the School Committee agenda for Tuesday evening, Jul 17, 2012, there are two action items acknowledging donations to Franklin High School and Remington Middle School.

b. I recommend acceptance of a check for $453.42 from A+ School Rewards for the Franklin High School.
c. I recommend acceptance of a check for $66.94 from A+ School Rewards for Remington Middle School.
According to the Stop and Shop A+ webpage, this is only part of the donations heading to the Franklin schools.

The tally for the Franklin School District works out to be

Annie Sullivan MS  $  3,587.16
Jefferson ES  $  1,314.88
Oak St ES  $  1,014.34
Helen Keller ES  $     923.03
Gerald M Parmenter ES  $     860.13
Davis Thayer ES  $     859.75
John F Kennedy ES  $     821.44
Franklin HS  $     453.42
Horace Mann MS  $     445.06
Remington MS  $       66.94

These must be the first two donations received by the school offices. According to the A+ website checks should be delivered in June via regular US Mail attention to the principal of each school.

As a frequent shopper at Stop and Shop, our card was set up to contribute to a couple of schools. It is your choice to set this up for one or more schools.

We'll do another post as the school year approaches on how to set up your Stop and Shop card to contribute to one of the Franklin schools. If you want to see more about the A+ program visit the Stop and Shop page here  http://www.stopandshop.com/our_stores/bonus_bucks/index.htm?linkid=SN

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