Friday, February 15, 2013

A "self-healing" asphalt

Franklin road conditions have been the topic of many conversations over the past several years. 200 miles of roads, a limited budget, how will Franklin keep them in good shape?

In this TED Talk "Paved roads are nice to look at, but they’re easily damaged and costly to repair. Erik Schlangen demos a new type of porous asphalt made of simple materials with an astonishing feature: When cracked, it can be “healed” by induction heating. (Filmed at TEDxDelft.)"

Impressive. I wonder how long until it is commercially available?

For additional background material on the conditions of Franklin's roads

The Franklin Road Condition report

Voices of Franklin: The road conditions on Ledge St

The Long Range Planning Final report references the need to budget for road repairs

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  1. Woah! I need some asphalt in Seattle that acts like that. Is there any projected time when it will be coming here? Thanks for sharing!