Thursday, August 1, 2013

Neighbor Brigade Run

This is not just an ordinary fundraiser but, more importantly a mission I support and take part in my Franklin community to help our neighbors in times of immediate crisis. I know through all the ways I have helped, it has changed the way I see and experience my own personal day to day challenges. I am thankful for a group of 80 volunteers and I hope you can help in  supporting the continued growth of Neighbor Brigade in Mass. and beyond.

I have a Franklin page for you to look at and if you'd like to take part in the team, please sign up! It will be a great opportunity to share what Neighbor Brigade is doing and learn about its future growth.  Thank you for anything you can offer in the way of a donation or perhaps a sponsor!
Go to:
Thanks and I hope to see you at the walk/run!

Linda Gagnon
Neighbor Brigade Inc.
617-335-5452/ FranklinMA@neighborbrigade.orgwww.neighborbrigade.orgLike Us On Facebook!

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