Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Letter to FoFL members

Dear Friends of Franklin Library members, 
The Friends of Franklin Library (FoFL) was extremely disappointed to receive the attached letter from Library Board of Directors (BofD) chair Cynthia Dobrzynski notifying us that her group had abruptly cancelled the FoFL’s planned October book sale. These semi-annual sales of donated books have produced significant funds that have been used to help our library expand its collections, purchase museum passes, offer programs to the community, enhance library services, and even buy furniture. 
The FoFL board had decided to delay notification to members pending a request that the BofD reconsider its decision. That appeal was made at the board’s September 23 meeting, but was rejected without a discussion or vote. The BofD stated that its decision was based upon the results of last winter’s survey which “clearly set the direction” and was not subject to change.
We disagree with the BofD’s decision and would have welcomed – and expected - the chance to discuss it and present data in support of the popular and profitable event, but that did not happen. 
We are proud of the contributions made by the Friends over the years. Money raised by our members and supportive residents has been able to supplement town allocations, funding programs and initiatives that might otherwise not be possible. 
Since 2005, the book sales have generated a net revenue of $153,734.00, and the FoFL has given that, plus additional funds, to the library – a total of $179,235.00. So far this calendar year the FoFL has given the library $10,280.59, which was used for passes, programs, books, audiobooks, e-books, supplies and a new fixture for the Children’s Room. 
We expected our October book sale would have shown a profit of roughly $6,000. And, as with all of the Friends’ efforts, this would have been achieved without any cost to the library or town. 
The FoFL’s desire to support the library remains intact. We will continue to fulfill our mission as community advocates for the library. We believe that our library is a cornerstone of our community and provides opportunities for residents to engage in the joy of life-long learning and connect with the thoughts and ideas of others, from ages past to present. Even though our revenue stream has been impacted, we will continue to provide financial support, as requested, to support those things that are outside of the town budget, and will explore other avenues of fund-raising. 
As always, we meet on the first Wednesday of each month at 7PM in the Community Room at the library. All meetings are open to anyone interested. 
Please join your fellow FoFL members downtown at the Harvest Festival, on Sunday October 6 from 11am to 4pm. The Friends’ display will have literature, bookmarks, calendars along with a few surprises, and we would love your support. 
The Friends of Franklin Library
Email: Fofl02038@gmail.com  
Maria Lucier, President
Kevin O’Malley, Vice President
Jan Martin, Treasurer
Vidya Vedapuri, Recording Secretary
Jim Beaulieu, Corresponding Secretary
Kathie Nosek, Director
Joe Mullen, Director
Barbara Christensen, Director
Carolyn Marr, Director

The letter referenced as an attachment is available here

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