Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Live reporting: Candidates Forum - Constables

First up on deck are the candidates for Constable

  • Rancourt  LaRosa
  • Daniel S. McCahill
both candidates mention serving with respect, dealing both the individuals and the business or party behind the notice being served

LaRosa (left), McCahill (right)

LaRosa had been appointed by the Town Council to fulfill the balance of the term for the late Robert Jarvis

McCahill works for the post office and deals with the public on a regular basis

LaRosa is a retired school teacher, continuing to work a day or so in part time capacity

McCahill's father had served Franklin before in a number of capacities, the courts are a slow and tedious process, his public experience has taught him to be professional in his service

LaRosa ability to diffuse problems quickly, both parties need to be treated with respect, his great-grandfather was also a constable, wants to serve in this quiet capacity

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