Monday, February 17, 2014

Paper or Plastic? (video)

With the holiday and three day weekend, I'll do the food shopping today. The choice of paper or plastic is actually the wrong question according to Leyla especially since we have so many options for re-usable bags to bring home the groceries with. While she doesn't get into re-usable bags, she does get into the real problem:
"... at the end of the day, everything we design and produce in the economy or buy as consumers is done so for function. We want something, therefore we buy it. So breaking things back down and delivering smartly, elegantly, sophisticated solutions that take into consideration the entire system and the entire life of the thing, everything, all the way back to the extraction through to the end of life, we can start to actually find really innovative solutions."

Find a comfy spot, have your morning or favorite beverage at hand and watch this 18 minute video. It is time to "rethink environmental folklore"

For more about Leyla and the design work she does, visit her page on the TED site here

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