Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Update: Remington/Jefferson Exterior

An update from the Facilities Dept via Town Administrator Jeff Nutting regarding the exterior photos of the Remington/Jefferson school building that were shared here on Sunday:

As a followup to your pictures the other day about the water at the RJ please see memo from Facilities



Hi Jeff, 
Mike and I walked the entire exterior of Rem/Jeff. As pictured in Franklin Matters, there are a number of areas where water sheds from the roof onto the brick and leaves a staining of moss/mold. Fortunately, this mold is exterior and not capable of penetrating the interior of the building. However, it does leave an unsightly appearance on the affected areas. For some reason, the roof was designed to shed water as it currently does.As the weather changes and gets warmer, the brick will begin to dry out and the staining will become less noticeable. We will power wash the brick. 

While waling Sunday also in rain but much lighter, I snapped these photos of Parmenter and Davis Thayer. Both of these buildings have the roof extending over the building wall a good 10-12 inches. As indicated in Dana's email, that appears to be the 'root' cause.

Parmenter roof showing the overhang
Parmenter roof showing the overhang
Davis Thayer roof showing the overhang
Davis Thayer roof showing the overhang

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