Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Live reporting: School Climate Survey Results

2. Guests/Presentations

b. School Climate Survey – Summary – Maureen Sabolinski


Issued last year from Apr 4 to May 5, may have been part of the low response rate from parents

64% response from staff, 29% response from parents; good for an initial survey

will target Jan 2015 to release this year (stay tuned here for info when it is released)

each school received a set of data based on the specific school, this will be posted to the school webpages and used in planning processes

Aspen parent portal available for middle and high school parents

92% says they feel their child is safe on the bus

high levels of collaboration within the schools, somewhat a reflection of mandates and a lack of professional development time

a gap in perception between parents and staff particularly in the advanced placement courses, will be looking to tease out why this is so and what can be done with it.

incorporated into the instructional goal setting process
principals are doing site level analysis
exploring ways to improve communications is one key effort

looking to get an increased participation rate with next roll-out in Jan 2015

O'Malley it is a commendable report, although I am struck by the fact that it is an opinion report and hard to get actionable responses for this data; need to get to a point where opinions are backed by signatures

Raw data is kept by K-12 Insight
I can send the individual results for each school
the comment sections were not available to us

you could only do the survey once, even if you have multiple students

may have been a vocabulary issues (i.e. parent portal = Aspen)

how do you get parents involved in decision making?
You get parents in to understand the math program and get feedback, we don't do enough of that. At the high school, we did curriculum night, probably the first time in 15 years we did that. Need to have the conversations between parents and teachers on what is expected of their child

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