Saturday, December 27, 2014

Franklin Annual Report - 2014

The Annual Report is published each year with information from the prior fiscal year.

Town of Franklin, 2014 Annual Report
Town of Franklin, 2014 Annual Report

In the Town Code, Chapter 1, subchapter 4-3 the Annual Report is defined:
Prior to November 1 of each year, the Town Clerk shall cause to be prepared and made available to the inhabitants of the Town an annual report for the preceding fiscal year which shall include: the annual Town budget, the reports of all Town officers, the records of all Town Council bylaw amendments and resolutions, an abstract of births, marriages and deaths, and the wages, salaries, or other compensation of all Town employees.
[Added 5-2-2012 by Bylaw Amendment 12-681]

If you go to the official Franklin website, find the Town Code section and search for "Annual report" these are the results you should find,reports,annual,report

I'll be sharing sections of the report over the next several days. You can find a hard copy at the Municipal Building. Usually a copy is available on the table when you enter. If not, check with the Town Clerk's office.

You can also find the PDF copy online. The Annual Reports going back to 1006 are all available online

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