Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Franklin Solar Challenge: "reached Tier 4 pricing in record time"

The Franklin Solar Challenge, a Town sponsored program that allows residents to take advantage of group-buying power for solar PV panels which help offset the rising cost of electric bills, has reached Tier 4 pricing in record time. 
The Solar Challenge was launched in early September by local solar installer, SolarFlair Energy in Ashland, and is having early success in the amount of residents who have signed up in the program. 
“This is the fastest SolarFlair has reached the Tier 4 pricing level, out of all 9 communities that have participated in this type of program with us.” Said Dan Barnett, SolarFlair’s Residential Sales Manager. 
Franklin Solar Challenge
Franklin Solar Challenge
The pricing is based on five tiers, the base price, which starts at Tier 1, goes down per watt as more people sign up. A customer will save $2,400 on an average system of 20 panels. The expected payback would be 3-5 years. 
SolarFlair has also offered a Tier 6 and 7, which means Franklin has reached 400 or 600 kilowatts of contracted solar power, if Tier 7 is reached then SolarFlair will donate two solar PV systems to local non-profit organizations. 
Last year, as part of the Chelmsford-Carlisle solar program, SolarFlair Energy donated a solar PV system to The Paul Center, a local non-profit organization that serves children and young adults with disabilities. 
The Franklin Solar Challenge offers Franklin residents an opportunity to reduce its impact on the environment, save money and increase its energy independence. 
For more information or to schedule a free home assessment, contact SolarFlair Energy, 508-808-4556 or email at franklinsolar@solarflair.com. You can also sign up online at SolarFlair.com by clicking the Franklin Solar Challenge logo.
screen grab of Solar Flair webpage for Solarize Franklin
screen grab of Solar Flair webpage for Solarize Franklin

Solar Flair has established an office here in Franklin. You can visit them on East Central St. They are in the Lorusso building on the corner of Chestnut and East Central.

Solar Flair in Franklin
Solar Flair in Franklin
You can also find the Franklin Solar Challenge on Facebook here

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