Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Do you love cats? Calico Nook might be the place for you!

Do you love cats? 

Last month, co-partners Marissa Massucco and Kristi Mahoney opened up a not-for-profit for cat lovers called Calico Nook (58 E. Central Street in downtown Franklin). Calico Nook is a progressive, upscale, warm and relaxing community space where cats roam free and feline fanatics can get their fill. Calico Nook has a few resident rescue cats and are in the process of partnering with local animal shelters to foster some of their cats. Since Calico Nook is not-for-profit, funding comes from a $5 admission at the door. Some people come to hang out or play with cats. Some people come to read, relax, use the wi-fi, see local art or buy a variety of eclectic cat-centric retail items. So far the community has been very supportive!

Calico Nook is also planning on having many special events, from acoustic music nights to kids craft events to pet info sessions. They have two upcoming events in April:

Pet Info Session: Saturday, April 18th with Dr. Bart Massucco 10:30am and 1pm

Dr. Bart, the owner of Countryside Veterinary Clinic in Wrentham, will be giving a fun pet informational session at 10:30am and 1pm. Dr. Bart can answer any pet related questions you may have. Fun for all ages (5 and up.) Bring your pet-related questions and he will answer them and learn fun cat facts from a seasoned pro. Standard $5 admission applies.

Kids School Vacation Event: Tuesday, April 21st from 3-4pm

Kids 5 and up can come and do a variety of cat centric games from word searches and word scrambles to puzzles and cat bingo. We have a prize basket brimming with prizes waiting to be won. Children must be accompanied, supervised by an adult at all times, and adhere to all cat rules. Standard $5 admission applies to each child and adult.

screen grab of Calico Nook webpage
screen grab of Calico Nook webpage

For more information on Calico Nook, please visit their website at www.caliconook.com or like them on Facebook for up-to-date information.

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