Saturday, December 26, 2015

Annual Report - 2105: Town Administrator

"It continues to be my honor to serve the Town Council and the citizens of Franklin.

Under the leadership of the Town Council over the years we continue to try and improve the quality of life for our residents while maintaining a balanced budget, fiscal prudence and a look towards the future. Fiscal year 15 showed no signs of letting up on improving our community.

So, what have we done this year?

The list of improvements in FY 15 are many including the new High School, road and water main improvements, purchase of open space, adding a playground at Fletcher Field, a sidewalk on Panther Way, selling the old municipal building for commercial development, making zoning changes in accordance with the Master Plan, seeing the downtown project get underway, funding the design of sidewalks for Pleasant and Chestnut Streets, working to spruce up the Rail Road stations, and reducing the trash fee.

Since the Town Administrators Office assumed the duties of the Passport Office things are hopping, you can now get your passport here with an appointment on Monday or Wednesday and Friday.

All this is accomplished with hard working volunteers and a great staff of employees in all departments We continually provide high quality services and the lowest possible cost to the tax payer.

As I look to the future there are many challenges but if history is any lesson, the strong leadership of the Town Council and great staff will respond to every challenge.

I want to make note of the retirement of my Secretary, Dianne Blanchard. She was an exceptional employee, dedicated to serving the citizens of Franklin. I wish her well in her retirement.

As always, I want to thank the employees of the Town of Franklin. It is my pleasure to come to work every day with such dedicated and hard working people who do their best for the citizens of Franklin.
Jeff Nutting
Jeff Nutting

It is my pleasure to submit my annual report for your review, and please feel free to write, e-mail, or stop by with any questions, concerns, or comments.

Respectfully submitted,

Jeff Nutting
Town Administrator"

"Prior to November 1 of each year, the Town Clerk shall cause to be prepared and made available to the inhabitants of the Town an annual report for the preceding fiscal year which shall include: the annual Town budget, the reports of all Town officers, the records of all Town Council bylaw amendments and resolutions, an abstract of births, marriages and deaths, and the wages, salaries, or other compensation of all Town employees." [Added 5-2-2012 by Bylaw Amendment 12-681],reports,annual,report#10432729

Shared from the full and complete PDF version of the Town of Franklin Annual Report for 2015

Additional information from the Town Administrator can be found on his webpage

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