Thursday, March 31, 2016

"will revitalize an underutilized urban site" - Back Bay Station to be renovated

"It looks like Back Bay Station, the dingy and outdated transit hub of the MBTA at the corner of Dartmouth and Stuart streets, is getting an aesthetic overhaul, inside and out. So much so you might not even recognize the new structure. 
Boston Properties Inc. put forth plans Tuesday for the project, which would entail not just revamping the station itself, but the entire block surrounding it. Retail outposts would line the street level of a new glass office tower – 26 stories of twisting glass akin to several giant boxes stacked on top of each other at odd and seemingly random angles. 
The MBTA building itself, which sees some 30,000 commuters each day, would be redone to reflect a more modern transit station. Department stores and a supermarket could be in the picture as well, and the finished product will also offer "a variety of high-quality housing opportunities," which will reportedly include the creation of affordable housing."

Continue reading the article and view other renditions of the renovation

The full 242 page PDF of the project proposal can be found here

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