Saturday, June 11, 2016

Northgate neighborhood meeting gets questions answered

Contributor Renata Gilarova writes about the neighborhood meeting at the Kennedy School that took place Thursday evening, June 9.

"I stopped by the meeting last night. There were about 30+ residents there. 
Everything is almost ready to go. They can start the construction as early as after July 4th. Hoping to have majority done before end of season. 
The roads will go from about 40' wide to 24' wide with sidewalks only on one side. This is to limit maintenance costs, impervious surfaces, pollution and run offs to Charles River... 
The plan basically mimics what is done today when subdivisions are being built. The new roads will have a better drainage, tree wells will be planted and one rain garden is proposed. There should be parking space available on Coronation behind Kennedy School for about 10 cars. 
Detailed plans are available at DPW. Brutus Cantoreggi was leading the meeting. Attached is a copy of simplified plan that was passed to attendees."

DPW photo posted to Facebook

Franklin Department of Public Works
Franklin Department of Public Works

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