Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Mandatory Water Ban Effective Monday July 25, 2016

In recent weeks, the Town has experienced excessively high demands for water due to outdoor water use, while water supplies are extremely low due to drought conditions.  As a result, a full water ban has become necessary to ensure that adequate water is available to meet the public health and safety needs of the Town of Franklin.  This measure is necessary to maintain the water levels in the tanks for fire protection and normal consumption.  

The following water uses are NOT allowed:
• irrigation of lawns and landscaping via sprinklers or automatic irrigation systems;
• washing of vehicles, except in a commercial car wash or as necessary for operator safety; and
• washing of exterior building surfaces, parking lots, driveways or sidewalks, except as necessary to apply surface treatments such as paint, preservatives, stucco, pavement or cement.

The following water uses are allowed:
• watering gardens, flowers and ornamental plants by means of a hand-held hose.

Non-compliance with these regulations could adversely affect public health and safety. Violators are subject to fines up to $200.       

Private irrigation wells are not required to follow the water ban, however, please remember that irrigation wells are taking water from the same aquifer as Franklin's drinking water wells, so please water wisely!  

mandatory water ban now in effect for Franklin, MA
mandatory water ban now in effect for Franklin, MA

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