Wednesday, August 17, 2016

What Has The Franklin Downtown Partnership Been Doing For 15 Years?

You've visited, walked by or driven past these places and things for years, yet have you ever stopped to think how they came to be? 

Here are some of the projects and events the Franklin Downtown Partnership has created or been involved with since 2001:

1 - The multi-year $7.25 million Streetscape Improvement Project 
2 - The Franklin Commons Development

3 - The Cake Bar patio on East Central Street
4 - The Summer Street patio area and green space
5 - The green space sitting area on West Central Street

6 - The design of the green space in front of the Historical Museum
7 - The bronze statue of the straw hat boy in front of the Historical Museum

8 - The park benches in downtown
9 - The downtown changeable gateway signs

10 - The new trash and recycling barrels
11 - The downtown holiday decorations and lights 
12 - Beautification and flowers throughout the downtown

13 - The launch and early management of the Farmers’ Market
14 - The Food Elves “12 Days of Donating” campaign
15 - The Franklin downtown map and brochure
16 - Emmons Street development property
17 - The 150 Emmons Street green space and Horace Mann Statue 
18 - Franklin High School scholarships
19 - On-going Economic Development 
20 - The Annual Strawberry Stroll

21 - The Annual October Stroll

22 - The Annual Holiday Stroll and Tree Lighting
23 - Progressive Dinner and Third Thursday Events
24 - On-going community outreach and business support

25 - Won’t you join us this year for our next exciting downtown project?

  • This was shared from the Franklin Downtown Partnership webpage

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