Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Attention Franklin Residents: Unclaimed Checks

The Treasurer/Collector has posted over 60 outstanding checks amounting to over $22,000 to the Town of Franklin webpage. If you are on the listing, you can contact the Treasurer/Collectors office to begin the process of obtaining the funds.

Treasurer/Collector webpage

Outstanding Funds Process  (also copied below)

Did you know there are six ways to pay bills?
Did you know there are six ways to pay bills?

You can also find the listing on the Town of Franklin webpage

MASS GENERAL LAW CHAPTER 200A SECTION 5: Subject to the provision of section one A, all intangible personal property not otherwise presumed to have been abandoned under any other section of this chapter, including but not limited to all certificates of ownership, dividends, stocks, bonds, money, drafts and claims for money and credit …. shall be presumed abandoned unless claimed by the beneficiary or person entitled thereto within three years after the date prescribed for payment or delivery.

CHAPTER 200A SECTION 9A: On or before November first of each year the treasurer of any city or town holding checks issued by said city or town which have not been cashed and which are deemed abandoned under section five may issue a written determination that it is in the best interest of said city or town to follow the procedures set out in this section.

Checks issued by the Town of Franklin that remain un-cashed are subject to the following actions:

  1. Letters are sent to payee's of un-cashed checks along with an acknowledgement form for claiming the funds.
  2. For checks over $100.00 an advertisement is placed in the local newspaper.
  3. An un-claimed check list is posted on the web-site. 


1. What if my name appears on the list, how do I claim my money?
Please contact the Treasurer’s Office

2. What happens if no one claims a check?
Checks that remain unclaimed after all the necessary steps have been taken are returned to the town's general fund.

3. I received notice of an un-cashed check, what is it for?
Checks issued from the Town of Franklin could be refunds of overpayments of taxes, payment of an invoice or payroll checks. You should contact the Treasurer’s office at 508-520-4950 for more information.

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