Thursday, August 31, 2017

Online Academy Selects New Abbreviation to Simplify Its name

The Massachusetts Virtual Academy at Greenfield Commonwealth Virtual School is adopting 'GCVS' as its new abbreviation and 'nickname' to simplify administrative tasks and focus more clearly on its identity as a Commonwealth Virtual School. For the past several years, the school had used 'MAVA' as an abbreviation.

The school will call itself 'GCVS' on most references to emphasize its mission of providing comprehensive online education to students anywhere in Massachusetts.

"We want people to look at our name and immediately think - virtual education for any Massachusetts student," said Executive Director Dr. Judith Houle. "GCVS neatly expresses both our heritage and offerings as a full-service school offering an outstanding public school education in a 21st century model. Any student whose needs don't fit in a brick-and-mortar classroom has a place at GCVS."

GCVS is the state's first virtual K-12 public school of choice. It offers flexible, self-driven online learning programs and support services to any Massachusetts student. GCVS students are independent learners who need a different model than brick-and-mortar classrooms to accommodate their learning styles and individual interests.

GCVS' 2017-18 academic year starts when classes open on Aug. 30. Class opening will be followed by a series of picnics across the state on Sept. 8 to give students, families and educators a chance to meet and form connections face-to-face.

Greenfield Commonwealth Virtual School
Greenfield Commonwealth Virtual School

Massachusetts Virtual Academy at Greenfield, the Commonwealth's first virtual K-12 public school, delivers a transformative education with unique strengths and flexibility perfectly suited for the modern world. 
Our approach encourages critical thinking and an independent learning style that meets the key needs of diverse learners by providing educational resources that cultivate curiosity, exploration and inquiry.

Note the DESE profile for the school can be found here

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