Tuesday, January 16, 2018

"It's all about the money"

"How are drug trafficking organizations getting record amounts of cocaine, heroin, fentanyl and carfentanil into Manchester, New Hampshire, the epicenter of the opioid crisis in New England? Two journalists—equipped with two DSLR cameras, 8 GoPros and a laptop—embark on a 1,700-mile journey to find out.

"Beyond the Border: The Opioid Pipeline" takes you on an exclusive, eye-opening, front lines ride through the pipeline that runs from the shores of the Dominican Republic, through Puerto Rico, up the East Coast and into New Hampshire. With the United States focused on securing its southern border, more traffickers are going through America’s “back door” to get their drugs on the streets where demand is the highest. 
Celine McArthur and Freddy Wheeler find out why the Caribbean Corridor is appealing for traffickers. They also show you some of the methods traffickers use to pump their drugs through the pipeline without getting caught—at least, not often. 
Watch and learn from the people who know what’s really going on: A Dominican drug smuggler, a Puerto Rican woman smoking crack on an inner-city street overrun by drugs, an addicted mother who deals out of her New Hampshire home, a 21-year-old Manchester dealer sitting behind bars for a fourth time, admitting he has no idea what he’s selling. 
"Beyond the Border: The Opioid Pipeline" also gives you an inside look at how first responders and local, state, federal and international law enforcement are taking action against the multibillion-dollar narco-industry on land, by sea and in the air. 
The story behind the story: Celine McArthur and Freddy Wheeler were mapping out the special when their television station in Boston unexpectedly shut down. Because the issue is so important to the region, they decided to produce the special on their own time, using their own equipment."

Beyond the Border: The Opioid Pipeline from Freddy Wheeler on Vimeo.

Hat tip to the SAFE Coalition and Patrick Casey for letting us know about this video  https://www.facebook.com/safecoalitionma/posts/1193272637469607


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