Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Live reporting: DPW water presentation

2 minute recess to allow for the road acceptance residents to leave

resume meeting

New Annual All Alcohol License- Franklin Performing Arts Company

Mercer recuses himself

motion to approve, seconded, passed 8-0

Alan Mercer is the proposed license manager

this doesn't change anything operationally, this is a simplification in the process of getting one license for the year as opposed to one per event

Public Works Water Presentation

a. Capital Budget Subcommittee
b. Budget Subcommittee
c. Economic Development Subcommittee

no meetings since last time, Budget does have a meeting scheduled, no EDC meeting until March

went from worst water management community to one of the best winning awards regularly
we are one of the largest ground water supply community in the state

one day per week watering, part of the permit from the DEP

made extensive repairs to the distribution system to prevent leaks, had been loosing 20% of the water, also affected chemical cost

new water line and new road program working well in a coordinated effort

extensive leak detection program, conducted every year, state looked to it every 3 years

meter replacement program underway, some done in house, most done by contractor
this is the cash register for the Water Dept, important to go after the older meters and replace them

only 9% unaccounted for water, had been as low as 5%
one of few communities which replace water mains every 80 years, on track to do so

over a billion gallons pumped over a year, only 9% unaccounted for so they are concerned to fix (have been to 5)

Attempting to get the MASSDep to re-do the permit is not likely
we are recognized by DEP for the quality of water and program, as well as by the Charles River Water

we try to be good environmental citizens

selling less water helps to increase the end cost of the water as the other fixed costs need to be absorbed by less payers

over $1.2M grants to help defray the costs of water infrastructure

Q - Jones - has the cost remained constant for fluride, KoH
we won't know until later this year, least expensive chemical we add to water
likely less than 100K, exact numbers later

Q - Earls - Chloride levels? any issues with water wells near the highways
It is not just the highway, we use a lot of salt as well so we have to treat it
it is typically high in the spring time until it flushes out
it is a constant balance of what we are trying to do
if we don't salt, we need to put sand, and then it is additional cost to clean and pick up

Q - Pellegri - how do we explain to residents on the 'water ban'?
it is not a ban, it is a conservation plan, part of the DEP permit as mentioned above
most of it is required by the state, 65 gallons per\ day is the amount based upon
how much we grow is part of the Council, Planning Board etc
when we get the wells back on line where we need to we should be good

we did the conservation part, we are using it wisely

we're permitted for wells 3 and 6; if we fix them it gives us the capacity
as well as flexibility, the most cost effective way with the least regulations

there was a sewer moratorium due to the overflow problem
building permits in the early 90's, by the time the bylaw passed the housing boom passed

3.14 is daily permitted amount, 2.4 actually pumped last year

the major issue we want to avoid is fire suppression capacity

Q - how much does private wells affect the public supply
we are all drawing from the same aquifer

our wells are 30-60 feet down, most homes are 400 plus feet down

Q - how do you handle the notifications about the iron/manganese
the photo is not part of the water supply, that water is for demonstration but not part of the supply

45 gallons per household, no community our size gets down to this level

every well has its own permit, based upon a pump test; was set some time ago
it ia 48 hour test to see what happens when you pump

10 water, 5 sewer, Laurie and part of Brutus

we will gain 1 million gallons from the 3 - 6 well area

Q - what are we doing about Beaver St interceptor
A - we are looking at it, there is a developing plan

Q - do we have a timeline for the master plan?
A - looking for the estimate from the consultant now, we're confident that is ok, it is still functioning
waiting for the rates to get in to get the money to pay for the study and finalize the plans

through the planning process, they have new developments hold the sewer flow to let it flow in the off hours to avoid capacity issues during the day

it will be a very expensive project when it comes

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