Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Live Reporting: School Start Times

2. Guests / Presentations

b. Robert Seide – Art Scholarship
died recently from pancreatic cancer 
scholarship being created in her honor
she always believed in art and art scholarship
application along with 3 images of work to be submitted for consideration

c. School Start Times Advisory Committee Presentation


work on sleep and research formed the basis for the other subcommittees
looked at implication for before and after school care
a subcommittee was focused on busing and traffic
what other districts have or are considering start times
implications for employees

lots of work by lots of folks
research on sleep drove the work
sleep patterns change over the course of adolescence

survey reporting differences between what the students say vs the parents on how much sleep is actually achieved

survey results compare with MetroWest survey
take away = parent perceptions of sleep don't agree with reality

American Academy of Pediatrics making recommendations on start times
Center for Disease Control = CDC also made similar recommendations

if you want to know how not to do it, do it like Boston did (via computer)

Seattle High Schools did a longitudinal study
sleep duration increased; tardiness and absentees decreased 

looked at transportation next
using 31 buses and $1.5M cost
proposing to transport each level separately, uses only 20 buses (and a cost savings)
requires a minimum of 30 minutes between runs to make it work

did talk with other districts, did implement similar changes; given enough time before starting, it can work

communication is key
it was imperative to delay implementation by at least a year

survey results from parents and employees
46% survey return rate and that is pretty good (usually anything above 10% is good)

with implementation at least a year away, there would be changes on the parents as the kids age; not the same for the staff

homework was a major concern, coincidentally a homework project is underway that pre-dated the School Start Times

teacher work life balance, technology (as in student use of tech)

other major concern is after school activities; i.e sports

scenario A would involve more frequent early release for athletics; hence Scenario B

swim and gymnastics are issues with pool and facility times;

What about Solutions? early start may minimize need for early times; and would also increase need for afternoon time
would require additional planning and adjustments

recommendation to move to Scenario B
13-2 was the vote (3 absent)

charter school would be served by the high school run of the buses

still an item for contract negotiation although length of day doesn't change

MJ - quite the experience, got to know folks over the year, thanks for the presentation, well done - any additional cost? how much will it cost?

Sara - with busing a net savings of approx $350K, it shouldn't cost the district more
maybe an increase cost for swim (due to pool rental)

Feeley - I have a lot of questions, I appreciate what you did, one of the Standard Univ articles - kids have activities, building resumes, etc. kids are ready to go to bed at 11, but then they get on their phone and are in communications during the night. How are we going to fix that? We need to help them. I am not convinced that this is the solution.

Sara - one of the issues from the parent guardian night was just this, it is a bigger and broader conversation, including homework etc. 

Feeley - what time do kids arrive?
Klement - I have 1800 different answers
buses will get there as early as 7, vast majority arriving just before or just after the schedule start times

Feeley - what would happen if the rides still deliver the students?
(consider the dominoes, there will be parent adjustments to the schedules)

Linden - for some of us, this was a process that was very thorough, and just what we wanted it to be. Found interesting on how much research there is; some many correlations with research and the impacts; less sports injuries, better sports performance

Douglas - parents may need to do some busing that had not been needed before; should consider students at middle and high school; concerned about early dismissal;

Klement - the most common sport for early dismissal at Sharon was golf, minimal matches but daylight and course time were requirements; 

Schultz - if the other town in the Hockomock would it make it easier?
Sara - it would make it easier but we also play some non-league games

Lifelong learning would need to do more research but based upon a specific set of info to get valid feedback

Sara - did make several attempts to resolve the student survey issues, we had a draft it was not approved as the questions were troublesome getting phrased properly. We did have 4 students actively as part of the process

Zub - it was a great experience, I have middle schoolers and would be freshman if we did go with this; at the end of the day, if this helps them for their social emotional learning; are we not doing a bad job, we need to work through the challenges, the reward is worth us working through this. this really helps our children, that is what we are here for

Feeley - I am very worried about the elementary school kids, when I heard the principals talking about their needs, that is not sitting well with me

Bergen - i had similar concerns, there is anecdotal evidence that it is a benefit
planning for an event in October for what social media is doing for kids

Donna Grady - President of the FEA
on committee, Franklin is the only committee that asked the faculty and staff of the impact; it can be a dividing issue; we have to weigh the pros/cons; the members are equally divided; most districts have looked at it for 3-5 years, Franklin did it for one

questions on what happens to ECDC?

what about work after school for students? home work, jobs, sports, staff is concerned about being available later

what about professional development? Many courses start at 3:30. A lot of work was done in the past year, and there are so many other items to review

Jessie Fanuele - high school teacher, and resident
I don't know whether to support this or not, I have heard but am not yet convinced
I appreciate the transparency of the committee; parents and students will adjust
I do like the idea of 11 less buses, great for the carbon footprint

there is a 20 minute guarantee of warm up time for every team/sport
teachers don't do this for the money, we are always for the students
may limit opportunity for a second job
I am nervous for those who do need a second job, health care is increasing, nervous about that

teachers will come to school to provide extra help with no extra pay
research is there, I can't say that it outweighs

Jamie Barrett - 2 kids one in middle school; simple question but it is not; where the elementary students considered? we talk about the impact for the teachers, the high school students, the middle school students, but where is the impact for the elementary?
instrumental music was cut in 2005, Spanish was cut year later; friends want to go to Charter and why, they offer French. You talk about SEL, those young minds, that is where the problem starts. I am speaking for the children, the elementary students

 - it is really an depth survey and research, I wished the high school students had stayed to tell us what they think; I think a lt was done but all you said was what wasn't going to work. (addressing Donna G). Parents need to adjust, and it is in our control. There is no research on elementary; yes. we will all get through the challenges together. We need more sleep, we need more recess. we need to put our kids first

Jim D'Entremont - middle school teacher and resident, wondering why your choosing 8 when the research on this says 8.5 and up?

Bergen - state representatives coming to Town Council on May 8th; before we take a vote we will be getting more information

Sara - 8 was CDC recommendation, APA said 8.5

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