Saturday, May 4, 2019

Franklin High School: Chromebook PSA 2019

When the new Franklin High School building opened, approx. 1600 Chromebooks entered the daily life of the students. At approx. $200 each, they are relatively cheap and overtime will provide a better return than standard textbooks.

As with any technical device, the technology is great when it works, and can be frustrating when it doesn't. Taking care of the device is critical to the performance. This Public Service Announcement is a cool reminder of the need for taking care as well as a good showcase for the talented students work in media creation.

There is an annual insurance policy that is well worth purchasing for only $25.

Enjoy! (only 2 and a half minutes)

Chromebook lifecycle:
Chromebooks are issued to the incoming Freshmen class and expected to be used for the four years. The seniors turn in their Chromebooks upon graduation and the units are evaluated for reuse. 

Part of the capital needs for the school district have shifted from book and curriculum purchases to Chromebook replacements and software licenses. The Chromebooks and licenses are more easily kept up to date than hardcover materials.

Chromebooks have gradually expanded to the middle and elementary schools. The units used by those students stay within the buildings. High school students take theirs home to do homework and projects.

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  1. Got an email from the FHS today that Chromebook insurance has gone up; $40 this year.