Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Live reporting: Presentations - FEF, SEPAC, and Student Services

School Committee returns to open meeting (after Executive Session)
7:15 PM

motion to approve collective bargaining agreement with FEA and RN's in MOU as signed on June 7; seconded, passed 5-0

Superintendent Ahern thanks the participants for their work in the process to reach this agreement

2. Guests / Presentations
a. Franklin Education Foundation
Kit Brady, Pandora Carlucci

founded in 1996 to support schools 
will fund for up to three years
empty bowls for example started with a grant
over $400,000 to date
Harlem Wizards is the primary fund raiser for FEF
are a 501(c)3 so all donations are tax deductible

FEF funds the R&D (research and development for education enhancements) for the District

$29,500 last year

Kit recapped the grants and what has happened

Pandora takes over the presentation to talk about the future

looking to partner with the Frances Eddy King Foundation
a teacher in Franklin for 40 years, the first Oskey was dedicated to her

engage FPS alumni

host education symposium

Pandora co-President with Roberta Trahan

meeting schedule to be shared (shortly) subcommittee meet in between
new members looked for

b. SEPAC Update
Sara Mulcahy; Erin Porier

"The only way we can take care of our children is to take care of ourselves"

funded two $2K scholarships for FHS grads this year

Kerry Magro, spoke to FHS 9th grade in April

Sensory Friendly Santa visit

SEPAC and Franklin Fire as well as Police hosted a special community day

Sunshine Fund available to help families with difficult times

c. Student Services Update 
– Paula Marano

we are were other people are striving to be where we are

using SEL efforts which are district wide to also develop student services delivery as well

develop a district wide practice
need to focus on tier 1 and tier 2 support; beginning to address this
currently 4 times as many 504 plans as the national average (interesting thing to look at, why? so high?)

support staff and counselors spending only 30% of their time with students, more time with paperwork and meetings (should be less time)

might have a higher rate of out of district placements; 72 students currently which is less than prior; 2 did return during the year, 1 also graduated

Tiered Focus Review by DESE

need to revise training for staff on bullying 
use of physical restraint policy not updated; now being revised
institutional self-evaluation

(presentation copies likely to be posted to Schools page on Wednesday and to be shared here later this week).

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