Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Franklin Election 2019: What does a Constable do?

It was interesting to do the research on what a constable does. I know of them. There is no reference in the 2018 Annual Report. The initial search on the Town of Franklin web page turned up some weird results, but a second search did better.

From the Town of Franklin Constable page

"Constables help assist various law enforcement agencies serve notices. Constables are all bonded and may serve, within the Cities or Towns in which they are appointed or elected, the following:
  • All Summons and Complaints with maximum Ad Damnum allowed by law
  • Writs and Trustee Process
  • Real Estate Attachments
  • Land Court Process
  • Executions
  • Supplementary Process in any Amount
  • Small Claims Notices and Notices To Show Cause
  • All Process under G.L. Chapter 239
  • Summary Process, Ejectments, etc.
  • Notices of all kinds and Demands
  • Capias
  • Probate Court Process, Domestic Relations
  • Subpoenas, Criminal, Civil, and Federal,and other certain Writs and Papers from the District Courts, the Superior, Supreme Judicial, and the United States District Courts

Constables may be appointed to serve all process under Rule 4-c of the Federal and Mass. Rules of Civil Procedure and the appropriate motion for use in obtaining this appointment may be found at"

There are three positions of Constable and all three are up for election in November

Find more information on the Franklin Election Nov 5, 2019 in the "election collection" 

Franklin Election 2019: What does a Constable do?
Franklin Election 2019: What does a Constable do?

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