Thursday, November 28, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving....from Enbridge and FERC

Dear Greater Franklin node friends,
We've received some unfortunate news from our hard-fighting ally, the Fore River Residents Against the Compressor Station (FRRACS) in Weymouth.  They have been stalwartly fighting this battle against an Enbridge compressor station for five years as of next month.  They are not giving up and neither can we.  

The compressor station would emit greenhouse gases equivalent to half the vehicles driven in Massachusetts and make it nearly impossible to reach carbon emission reduction goals in the state.  And that's saying nothing about spewed toxic chemicals that would poison residents, leading to even higher rates of cancer, respiratory and heart disease in the community--already among the highest in the state.

While there some actions only they can take (e.g., lawsuits), we can support them as an ally by filling out the pledge form below to help in various ways, including spreading the word to and engaging neighbors and friends, making calls and other actions, and donating to their legal fund (this working community has already spent $1.75 million in legal costs).  Please see the linked form and sign up to do what you can!

Please hold your family and friends close this holiday season as we all need to help each other.

In solidarity,

Carolyn Barthel
Greater Franklin Node Coordinator
508-473-3305 H

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Dear Friend of FRRACS,

It's the beginning of the Holiday Season for most of us, and as per usual, Enbridge and FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) have been busy preparing presents for all of us!  

On Monday, Enbridge filed the Final Release Abatement Measure along with some very unsatisfactory answers to all of our comments. This Final RAM allows them to start digging in the arsenic and oil laden soil.  The DEP did not even make them answer to the questions of asbestos in the soil due to the decomposing furnace bricks.  Enbridge filed a notice with the Conservation Commission of the Town of Weymouth to begin digging this coming Tuesday, December 3!  You can read the RAM here--all 1692 pages of it. 

This morning, FERC granted Enbridge the Notice to Proceed (NTP) construction on the compressor station.  While this was not unexpected, it comes over the objections of all of us, our Federal delegation, our state legislators, the Town of Weymouth, our allies, and pretty much everyone you can think of except for Gov. Baker. 

While the contracts for the gas dry up, FERC is abdicating its role as overseeing "necessity" for gas and gas infrastructure.  They are an agency that has always been in the pocket of the fossil fuel industry, but now they are just allowing the gas companies to do whatever they want without proving need for the gas.  And, guess what?  We will all pay for the folly of Enbridge and FERC through our utility bills.  National Grid and Eversource say they don't need more gas and they don't need the Weymouth compressor station.  NG New England (Canadian company) is trying to sell their contracts back to National Grid.  Irving (Canadian as well) has entered into new agreements to get the gas they were to receive from this pipeline from Canadian sources.  No need for the gas.  No need for the compressor.  But Enbridge wants it, so FERC provides...with your money.

We really did not want to ruin your Thanksgiving, but we want you to know that we are still in the fight.  With your help--your time, your treasure, and your talent--we are not giving up this fight.  We will work to stop this by all means available.  And we need you to stay focused, stay strong, and stay with us as a community.  

How are we fighting?  We are:
  • Fighting in court on the Air Quality permit and the Waterways permit. We are also looking for appellate relief on the Coastal Zone Management determination.
  • Working with our local governments and our state delegation to keep the heat on FERC and Enbridge for this unnecessary compressor in our Environmental Justice neighborhoods.
  • Working with our federal delegation to change FERC and their mandate to push fossil fuel.
  • Working with our allies to organize actions on the ground.
  • Working with all of you to keep you informed, organized, and strong.
Will you join us?  If you have not signed the pledge yet, please go here to sign up to help on the ground wherever you can.

To the Trolls who are likely on this email site, know that we are not going to give up or give in.  Those who seek to destroy our coastal home and our planet will ultimately lose this war.  Let's hope that it is sooner than later, as every day we get closer to planetary destruction.  All because the few refuse to join the many to save us all.  We wish you a change of heart and attitude over this season. We invite you to join our side.

Just one more thing--FRRACS is committed to non-violence in our thoughts, our words, and our deeds.  We will continue non-violent civil disobedience trainings throughout this battle.  If you have not attended a training, please check our Facebook page or the website for upcoming times.  

We were reminded this morning by Dr. Curt Nordgaard of a poem by Maya Angelou. "You may trod me in the very dirt. But still, like dust, I'll rise."  

We wil rise.  

In Peace and Solidarity,

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