Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Franklin TV: When? (Oh, I do hope it’s soon.)

by Pete Fasciano, Executive Director 04/11/2021


Members of our writer’s group were popping into our Zoom meeting, and that was the first question – right after the HiHowarya.

In the pecking order of that whowhatwhenwherewhy key info, ‘when’ tends to float somewhere in the middle of the pack. But, as the word came down that the Senior Center was starting to set plans in place to reopen, that was the first question on everyone’s lips. When?

Now ‘When’ is the kind of question that can telegraph the questioner’s state of mind. 

State ‘A’:  Enthusiastic anticipation. (I can’t wait!)
State ‘B’:  Nervous apprehension.  (uhh…  I can wait.)

Clearly, they were all about state ‘A’. When?  How soon?  Now?  (Oh, please let it be so.)

Well – we don’t quite know yet.  But, soon. (Fingers crossed.)

It speaks to the notion that getting together – socially engaging IRL (in real life) or ITF (in the flesh) is something that we all deeply dearly miss.

The Senior Center’s reopening raised another question for me. How do we help those who can’t physically attend? I believe that Zoom meetings are not just a service, but a societal game-changer – a social phenomenon wrought by technology.

I foresee Zoom engagement as part of many Senior Center gatherings ongoing, and we at Franklin●TV are researching how best to assist and achieve that end. We have been investigating the best video systems and tools to make this possible and ensure that Senior Center gatherings and events are more easily accessible to all.

Our Senior Center Writer’s Group convenes every week on Wednesdays at 1pm. If you  would  like  to  participate  in  our weekly  gatherings  and scribblings  (and  we would be thrilled to have you), just let us know at: info@franklin.tv

And – as always –
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Franklin TV: When? (Oh, I do hope it’s soon.)
Franklin TV: When? (Oh, I do hope it’s soon.)

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