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Friday, October 24, 2008

"How Can I Become Part of this ReadWriteWeb Revolution?"

In our continuing series on Web 2.0, the K12 Online Conference is underway. The video clip here is one of the two keynote addresses that opened the conference. It is being conducted virtually, that is, totally online.

The keynote presenters in this clip are all from Maine. They creatively used Flip cameras to video their conversation to share with the world.

Note: this presentation is geared for teachers and urges them to get involved in the ReadWriteWeb Revolution, but you can put yourself in this position too! How are you going to continue learning to keep up with the changes in this world?

The steps they outline are easy enough to pick up and use. The online tools are mostly free. Digital cameras or camera phones are reasonably priced. The bar for entry is set low. All you need is desire.

Click through to the web site for the conference to find additional information (i.e links) for the tools and articles they referenced.



Why put this here?

There is great potential in expanding learning at a very reasonable cost (small dollars if not free) with the Web 2.0 tools. With an economic future like schools in MA in particular have facing them, this is an avenue to consider.

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