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Sunday, July 28, 2013

5 things for your Sunday reading

It is a slow summer news day here in Franklin but there is good stuff around the internet to read and share. For example:

1 - As parents we are learning to raise our children to be digital citizens. We can not turn to our parents to help in this space. In this article, I like this sentence:
"Bridging the gap isn’t an annual family meeting—it’s a conversation that is on-going until your children leave the nest."
You can read the full article here

2 - For the college students:
"One of the biggest recent trends in entry-level recruiting is the rise of the internship. Summer internships have become a necessary element of a college student’s qualifications for a post-graduation job, and many employers are treating internships as a “three-month interview,” making full-time offers to high performing interns for the following year."

Read the full posting about how to make your summer internships work for you

3 - For the family:
"There is no better time than summer break to spend some quality time in the kitchen with your kids. With all the learning our children do when they are off at school a few things they are not being taught are some pretty important household duties like cooking, cleaning, and laundry - just to name a few."

You can read the full posting on 10 recipes to cook with your kids

4 - For those driving along Lincoln and Daniels St, if you don't already know about the road construction Warren Reynolds provides a good summery;
Quite an extensive stretch of Lincoln Street in Franklin, Mass will be worked on in coming months. Construction will open the Lincoln Street roadbed in sections roughly from Brook Street to Daniels Street. 
Before all work is completed in the fall, new lines will also be installed on Daniels Street (from its intersection with Lincoln Street up to Lenox Drive).

You can read the full article here

5 - And finally for the romantics among us, this is a wonderful time. It takes a couple of minutes to do the build up but then gets rolling. (Keep the tissues handy!)
"What's possible when a community comes together in love and gratitude!"

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Even AARP says you need to use social media to find your next job!

Using one or more of the social media tools to find work these days is becoming more and more of a requirement. The recent AARP Bulletin, (yes, I am that old (although young at heart!) has the cover article titled "Why you need social media to find your dream job"

AARP article on social media for job hunting
AARP article on going social to look for work
If you are 40+ and looking for work today, you need to be using LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media tools. Why? The recruiters are using those tools to check you out. If you don't have a good presence there, they will simply skip by you.

There are naysayers who claim you don't need to use these tools. I would agree it is not absolutely required for every industry or skilled position but it is becoming more so.

One item in the recent and local Franklin news makes this point. Brittany MacLeod just graduated from Marist College in NY. She was a Franklin High School grad and served as the student representative to the School Committee for two years. This spring her mother heard about Australia running a campaign for #bestjob. Brittany found out and started her campaign. This young lady from little Franklin, MA rose to the top 3 in the world out of 600,000 candidates!

On Wednesday Jun 5th, she was hosted at the MA State House and presented a proclamation wishing her the best of luck. In the evening, she received similar treatment from the Franklin Town Council. Do you think something like that might help your job application?

As this is posted, she is in Australia courtesy of the Australian Board of Tourism running the job search to prove herself as one of the three finalist for "Chief Funster". She'll find out June 20th if she'll be moving down under to start her career.

Will the YouTube videos, blog posts, tweets, Instagram pictures, that she used to help create the buzz around her campaign work for you?  Maybe all of them won't but one or more of them just might give you the edge you need to rise out of the pack.

The Job Search Jam Sessions being held this Friday, Jun 14 will feature one or more sessions on these social media tools. You'll be able to update your LinkedIn profile picture (photographer on site).

So what are you waiting for?

Get to the Job Search Jam Sessions webpage to find out what else is happening.

While there check out the results of the three prior JSJS events (2 in 2012, and one in 2011). For $8 you can afford to find out how to use these social media tools to get your next position.

Register here

Note: The nature of the AARP Bulletin website prevents a direct link to the article (you need to be registered to view the content).

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

LinkedIn Event: Small Business Marketing Strategies

For the small business owners in the area, this would be a good event to participate in to see how you can incorporate the social media tools into your business.


Tricia White; MSBDC Advisor has sent you a message.
Date: 2/01/2011
Subject: LinkedIn Event: Small Business Marketing Strategies
Tricia White; MSBDC Advisor found Small Business Marketing Strategies on LinkedIn Events and thought you might be interested in going!

Small Business Marketing Strategies Thu, Feb 10 Ames Free Library, North Easton, MA, US Keywords: social media, small business, small business training, SEO, Facebook, LinkedIN, Blogs, E-newsletters, social networking

Sponsored by Ames Free Library, Easton Chamber of Commerce, Marketing Strategies using Social Media – We touch upon basic SEO and what drives search engines, social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, You Tube and My Space), Blogs and E-Newsletters.

If you already know this seminar, please share it with others who could use some help in social media!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hopkinton Networking Group - Jul 23 meeting

I'm on LinkedIn, now what?

That will be the subject of an interactive presentation I'll lead at the Hopkinton Networking Group meeting on Friday. I did the presentation before and will update some of the photos to keep the presentation fresh. The text will remain pretty much the same. The delivery and interaction will be up to those participating.

I want to make sure that your questions will be answered. I want to make sure that you'll be able to walk away with something specific to do.

1 - If you want to attend, the meeting details are as follows:  

When: Friday, July 23 from 10:00 AM - Noon
Where: St John's Evangelist Parish Center, 20 Church St, Hopkinton
Cost: $1 donation requested

2 - If you have a LinkedIn question you would like answered, please let me know.

Franklin, MA

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Back to Business - Linda Waters

I met Linda Waters at the Harvest Festival last Sunday and we caught up with what each other is doing with a great conversation.

I combined the front and back of one of her handouts to present this single sided view:

Discover Simple, Private Sharing at

She has an interesting new product about to be introduced soon. The web site is not yet active (so check back to see when it does go active, or sign up to be notified by email).

She will be introducing Confidence Beads:

Discover Simple, Private Sharing at

You can connect with Linda via LinkedIn
or check out her website here

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Downtown Partnership and Chamber of Commerce on LinkedIn

I have mentioned previously that I have joined the Franklin Downtown Partnership and the United Regional Chamber of Commerce in an effort to expand my knowledge about businesses here in Franklin.

Both of these organizations have groups on LinkedIn.

You can request to join the Franklin Downtown Partnership on LinkedIn here

You can request to join the United Regional Chamber of Commerce on LinkedIn here

If the links don't work for you, you can
  1. Sign in to LinkedIn with your account
  2. Go to Groups
  3. Search for each by name
  4. Request to join the group

The group owner will approve your membership. You can adjust your group profile settings (how many emails, etc.) at any time after your membership is approved.

Once a member of a group, connecting directly to others within the group becomes easier.

My LinkedIn profile can be found here