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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Recycle update

Attached is a complete list of the types of large rigid plastic that is accepted at the Beaver St. Recycling Center.  This is a great program to take a lot of plastic out of the trash and recycle it.  Please help us keep the container clean - NO TRASH, VINYL, BAGS, SIDING, PVC PIPE or anything not listed on the attached sheet.

Think - Rigid - Plastic!

Chris White
Solid Waste Coordinator
Franklin DPW

The attached sheet is here:

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Business: Patco Performance Engineered Tapes

FRANKLIN, MA, June 02, 2009 /24-7PressRelease/ --

Meeting specialty tape needs for precise applications requires the right balance of experience, know-how, resources, and innovation. Patco, a division of Berry Plastics, is the industry's leading "go to" resource for the formulation and production of performance engineered tapes and delivers this very set of skills with each new product innovation. Patco has been meeting the pressure sensitive tape needs for a wide variety of industries including aerospace, medical, manufacturing, safety, construction, electronics, general industrial, and automotive for more than 44 years.

"Patco offers solutions for today's applications and the needs of tomorrow. Meeting the client's specifications and performance criteria are the starting points for product development," says Mr. Ernie Giordano, Director of Sales and Marketing, Performance Engineered Tapes, Berry Plastics Tapes and Coatings Division. "Recognizing the emerging environmental demands and the future regulations for products is an additional value component that the team excels in incorporating," he adds.

Patco's unique manufacturing and insightful formulations are demonstrated in some of its most recent products. "Ski tape," developed for use during the manufacture of snow sports equipment, provides a high temperature protective mask. UV-Protek, a new outdoor grade tape with a first-to-market regenerative U.V.I. system, combats and blocks 100% of the U.V. rays from the surface on which the tape is applied. And when the aircraft industry needed a unique tape to meet environmental regulations, Patco engineered a flame retardant protective tape free of Halogen and PBDE's.

"We are very proud of Patco and the exceptional products that are ingeniously developed by our formulators. We are committed to producing the optimal products to meet the most challenging applications." states Mr. Ernie Giordano. "Patco boasts an impressive track record with hundreds of unique performance engineered tape solutions for client applications," he adds.

All Patco products are manufactured domestically in its certified ISO 9001:2008 facility and offer the unique combination of high performance, competitive pricing, and engineering support that are unmatched by other specialty tape manufacturers.

For further information on how Patco can meet your application needs please contact Ernie Giordano at or by calling 508.918.1684.

About Berry Plastics

Berry Plastics is a leading manufacturer and marketer of plastic packaging products. Berry Plastics is a major producer of a wide range of products, including open top and closed top packaging, polyethylene-based plastic films, industrial tapes, medical specialties, packaging, heat-shrinkable coatings, specialty laminates, and FIBCs. The company's 13,000 plus customers range from large multinational corporations to small local businesses. Based in Evansville, Indiana, the company has 66 manufacturing facilities worldwide and nearly 13,400 employees. For more information, please visit

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