Sunday, February 10, 2013

Making our government open, transparent and accessible"

The paper has a recap of some area communities and the effort to put public meeting information in digital format.
Franklin’s website includes Town Council meeting packets dating back to 2008. 
Assistant to the Town Administrator Maxine Kinhart said staff make electronic packets for councilors, so it is just one more step to post online. 
"We just did it as a convenience to the citizens," she said. "They’re all public records so we just put it all out there." 
Kinhart said the town made computers available for councilors to use at meetings, but they prefer to bring their own devices.

Read more: Towns look to go digital in putting documents online - Franklin, MA - Wicked Local Franklin

The Franklin School Committee puts together an Adobe document package that contains the individual files for the agenda, action items, presentations, etc.

I am not aware of the Planning Board going digital. The problem there is with all the drafting documents. Some of those documents are huge and while it is possible to put them in digital format, the usability of viewing them online is not as good as simply holding the paper document.Some day!

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